Having a hard time coming up with beautiful paintings that keep your painters coming back time and time again? Want to learn very simple techniques to create and teach beautiful paintings with depth and dimension? Paintings that look like they are coming off the canvas? Want to Learn the Basics of How to start/grow your business?

Discover Casey’s simple, easy-to-follow steps to create gorgeous one-of-a-kind paintings that will keep your painters coming back! We incorporate Business Coaching into the Membership to help paint party businesses grow and be even more successful!


Build Your Own

Paint Party Business

In our HQ Membership, Casey teaches you how she went from teaching out of her house to a 13,000 square foot beautiful studio in under 4 years.

No matter where you are in your journey, Casey can help you succeed teaching you her simple steps to create beautiful paintings that keep painters coming back and extensive training on the business side with her Success Path tutorials.
Imagine If...
  • You can wake up every day and know there are beautiful designs to promote lined up for you!
  • You can do what you love for a living and make your own hours!
  • You can learn simple steps to create gorgeous one-of-a-kind paintings your painters will love!
  • Make a profit every time you have a class!
  • Be supported in a group of like-minded individuals who lift you up and support you.

What's Included?

Painting Tutorials

A vault of over 200 full tutorials, stencils and supplies list. Minimum of 4 new added each month.

Bootcamps and Challenges

All bootcamps and challenges are free for HQ Members! Join in the fun while learning and win prizes too!

Technique Tuesdays

Casey comes to you LIVE on our Private Facebook group and teaches you a new technique each week and answers your questions.


Once a month we get to know you live on zoom and answer your questions and see your creations you would like to share!


Over 200 bonuses including technique tutorials in different medias.

Coupon Codes

Receive 50% off anything in our shop or tutorial store!

Private Community

Join like-minded individuals in our private Facebook community! We share our work, lift each other up and share tip and trips! We couldn’t ask for a more amazing community! They lift our spirits every day! And we love seeing everyone’s beautiful work each day!

License to Teach

Being a current member of Casey K HQ licenses you to teach our designs in your in-person classes AND sell your finished paintings with our designs as well! (Not permitted to teach online or sell art kits).

Success Plan

We have a full video library of our success plan. This teaches you how Casey went from teaching at her home to a 13,000 square foot dream studio in under 4 years.

Monthly Membership

$49 USD

Annual Membership - Save 3 Months!

$441 USD

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Get the entire HQ Vault!

You will receive access to our HQ Vault immediately upon signing up!

Have you seen our Challenges and Workshops to add more painting tools to your toolbox? They also include bonus tutorials!


Hear from our members:


Hello Casey and Crew! I’ve been a member since November of 2021. I hadn’t really painted any of your tutorials until now. I didn’t want to let myself down again . I have been going through a few health issues which began stealing my eyesight. Well, I was actually blind for a few months. A detached retina and diabetic eye disease stole vision. I’m recovering slowly and still have not quite gotten my confidence to paint back entirely. I used to paint murals among other things and suddenly, all that was gone.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, for giggles I signed up for the summer art camp, primarily just to watch. I miss “arting”. The Little gnome intrigued me enough to dig out my paints again…. just to try it one more time. I’d previously tried other artists’ designs and failed miserably. I actually succeeded this time. Your design is simple enough for someone with impaired vision to be successful at it. There are several that I’m not ready to tackle yet, but with hope and prayer, I’ll get there. Colors are still hard and straight lines are still kinda wavy, but I was able to make it work this time. Thank you for boosting my confidence. I just completed the Welcome Gnome and am seriously looking forward to the textured beach painting.

Am I mistaken in thinking it is the last day of the summer art camp? I hope not. I really wish I lived closer so I could make it to a live class or two. Driving is hard at the moment too. I’m finally allowed, but was told to stay local and not drive at night. Anyway, a huge thank you from me to you.


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Lisa B.

The Best Online Group You Can Ask For

I joined a few months ago and I absolutely love Casey and Lindsey. I have learned so much with the tutorials and when we have painting sessions online for a couple of days. I have painted before and it was hard to get out of the very detailed painting, I paint loosely and what a big difference.

Casey and Lindsey are so real and will answer any questions you have or take time to get online and show you how to paint something that they are struggling with. Casey took the time to show me how to do impressionistic flowers on my cow painting as I was frustrated trying to get them right. Meant so much to me that she took time to show me or others that were watching. I’m so blessed and grateful for the laughter and just enjoy online classes with all the ladies that help out and the members that connect with during tutorials. This is the best online group you can ask for.

I miss going to classes in person but this is by far the best. I would move in a heartbeat to join in person but Seattle is a little too far lol.

Thank you for all that you do, God blessed you with a beautiful gift and I’m so grateful to be part of this amazing group.

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Dayna G

A Stress Reliever and More

I’ve been learning and growing as an acrylic painter. Well What can I say, Casey is an awesome instructor. She is so patient, caring, gives feedback on your paintings and loves to teach new techniques and for us to show her what we created. I’ve truly enjoyed painting more since I joined Casey’s online membership. I’ve learned how to create shadows, blending colors, coloring mixing, beards, trees, textured paintings, build up on different things such as a moon, gnome beard, etc. to use a pallet knife. I was never able to draw or paint. I’ve been a nurse for 30 years. This a stress reliever and more.

It has been a wonderful experience and i will continue to paint. I started painting back in 2020 during the pandemic. I’ve seen more and learned more techniques with Casey. Thank you so much to all the other instructors too.


Cheryl M.

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Cheryl M.

Changed my Life and started new business...

Casey has made it so easy for me to learn to paint beautiful art, I want to share her with the world! Here’s a very personal story about me and where I am today. I’ve been an avid crafter my whole life and built and operated my own small business as a sign maker for 20+ years. I ran an online store and taught sign making classes from my 30×40 home based workshop from 2015 until January of this year. In January, my alcoholic fiance thought it would be a good idea to come home completely intoxicated, load a pistol, aim it at my head and tell me he was going to put a bullet in mine and our 3 dog’s heads. Because of that, I walked away from him, my home, my workshop, tools, inventory and almost all of my personal belongings. I went from our 2200 square ft home on 10 acres of land to moving into my cousins basement with my son and our 3 dogs from January til May. In May I purchased a used motor home where we lived in a campground from May til August. In August I was finally able to find us a home to call our own. Shortly after moving into our new home (beginning of this month), I found Casey. I honestly feel like you have been a godsend!!! I’ve been called an artist many times over the years. I would always respond with, “I’m not an artist, I can’t paint pictures. I’m just a crafter”. Today I can say I’m an artist! I’m amazed at the art I’ve created since finding you by following your instructions in your videos. I can’t even begin to express how therapeutic your classes and painting has been for me in my recovering process. I feel like a whole new world has opened for me! I’ve decided to launch a new business since I was forced to close my sign making business. I need a fresh new start and you have helped me open my new door. I am beyond excited at this new opportunity!! Since finding you at the beginning of this month, I have learned that I AM an artist, I’ve booked 10 in person paint classes for the month of October, booked with a restaurant/gallery to be a guest artist, and have 3 of my paintings that you taught me to paint for sale in their gallery. I’ve created a Facebook business page and am currently building my website. I’m am so ready for my new chapter! Here’s what I’m planning moving forward with my new business: -Continue to offer in person classes where we’ll paint many of your beautiful works of art. -Continue to add to my art to my local restaurant/gallery -Continue to be a monthly guest artist with said restaurant/gallery -Offer personal, one on one art workshops where I’ll teach my customers all the techniques you’ve taught me, paint one of your designs with them from start to finish, and help them get signed up as a monthly member in your Casey K HQ membership program. -Offer craft workshops where I’ll again teach my sign making classes and other crafty projects and skills I’ve learned over the years. I honestly feel like I’m about to bust my business world wide open and my heart is exploding with excitement! I felt so defeated and like my life was over in January. You, my dear friend have helped me feel like this “starting over” was an absolute blessing from God. I’m so very happy I found you and I can never thank you enough for all that I’ve learn in just one short month. I’m so looking forward to learning even more! I look forward to hearing from you soon about your affiliate program. I’m so eager to share you with the world! From the bottom of my heart,

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Traci L.

Every Month In Casey K Headquarters you will get:

A minimum of 4 new paintings in your vault each month which includes the Painting of the Month. These designs all come with tutorials, stencils, supplies lists and marketing photos.
Unlimited email support with our team.
Challenges or 2-Day workshops that may be held each month are also free to our HQ Members.

Technique Tuesdays where Casey will work with you closely with you on specific techniques each week at 12:00 EST.  She also has a Q & A during this time.

A like-minded private community that is so uplifting and supportive!
A zoom call each month with business training and Q & A.

Monthly Membership

$49 USD

Annual Membership - Save 3 Months!

$441 USD

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Casey K.

Mrs. Katrina Pratt.

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