Painting of the Month Club

$20.00 / month

Get Casey’s favorite, hand-picked painting tutorial each month! By signing up this month, you will get the Barrel of Pumpkins Painting Tutorial!

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Get Casey’s favorite, hand-picked painting tutorial each month that are full of her easy, step-by-step techniques!

This month you get Barrel of Pumpkins Painting Tutorial.

The Pumpkins in a Barrel is a favorite of Casey’s!  She loves to paint pumpkins!  And the colors are so beautiful!  Learn how to dry brush a variety of colors of pumpkins, how to make loose leaves and berries and such beautiful sunflowers!  All with easy-to-follow strokes.  There are such simple steps to creating a wood look on canvas also.  So many tools for your “painting toolbox” in this painting!  We can’t wait to see yours!

What you will get each month:

  • One painting hand-picked by Casey each month! Not available at this price anywhere. Normally $30 and up.
  • 24/7 access to your videos while an active member
  • Traceable template (if applicable). No need to be able to draw!
  • Supply and color list
  • Private Membership Community to work closely with Casey and her team! And be with like-minded artists and share and make new life-long friends!
  • Weekly Technique Tuesdays where Casey teaches you more techniques for your toolbox
  • 50% off of any single tutorial, bootcamp/workshop.
  • Find out more here
  • You can cancel your Painting of the Month membership at any time.

This product is for the tutorial only. To license this product to teach through your own paint party business is only allowed when you purchase the Casey K HQ membership. Find out more about the Casey K HQ membership here.

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