Santa’s Workshop


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Casey is so excited to teach you her latest workshop on how to paint this realistic Santa.



Santa’s Workshop

🎨Get ready for Santa’s Workshop!  I can’t wait to paint this realistic Santa with you!  I will break down the painting for you over this 2-Day workshop!  Don’t be scared because it’s a realistic face, I will walk you through it and show you my easy-to-follow steps to paint your own beautiful Santa!  You will just need to trust the process.  ❤️

This workshop will be held on Thursday, Nov. 16th and Friday, Nov. 17th at 8:00 p.m. EST both nights.  If you can’t be with us live, you can always come back and watch the replay.  It will be held in our private group on Facebook called Santa’s Workshop with Casey K.  The workshop is just $25 and we will also have lots of prizes, as always!

What you will learn during this workshop:

🎅Learn how to put in a loose background.
🎅Learn how to paint a realistic face with highlights and shadows.
🎅Learn easy steps to create eyes and noses.
🎅Learn how to create beautiful, three-dimensional hair with a rake brush.
🎅Learn how to stipple with a rake brush to make the brim of the hat, pom-pom and sleeve.
🎅Learn how to make the hat and clothing look three-dimensional with use a few colors and strokes.

I believe this will be my favorite workshop of the whole year!  I can’t wait to paint him with you!  If you would like the virtual option of the workshop that comes with the online workshop, stencil and supplies list for $25, check out here.  If you would like an all-in-one painting kit for $38 that includes all you need to paint, you can go to https://caseykcreations.commentsold.com/collections/All . 

Check your email after you check out for the log in to your library for the stencils and supplies list.  If you don’t see the email, check your spam or promotions folder.  Also, head on over to Santa’s Workshop with Casey K on Facebook to join our private group.  I can’t wait to paint with you soon!  🎨