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  • From: $15.00 / month
    Time for your child to destress, unwind, and be proud of their accomplishments!  We would love to have your child come paint with Casey & her...
    From: $15.00 / month
  • From: $20.00 / month
    Whether you are a beginner or experienced painter, you can create these gnome paintings with the Gnome of the Month Club Membership!  They are so adorable...
    From: $20.00 / month
  • $20.00 / month
    Get Casey's favorite, hand-picked painting tutorial each month! By signing up this month, you will get the 4th of July Sunflower Painting Tutorial! Sign up for...
    $20.00 / month
  • From: $49.00 / month
    Join this month only for $29 (reg. $49 per month) and receive MANY BONUS painting tutorials! Our Casey K HQ Membership has paintings and content for...
    From: $49.00 / month