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Terms and Conditions of HQ Members:

  • As an ACTIVE member of Casey K HQ, Casey K HQ and Casey K Creations, Inc., designs can only be used for in-person paint parties. Personal paintings created by Casey K HQ Members derived from Casey K HQ/Casey K Creations, Inc designs, can be sold in person but not on-line. No teaching or selling on-line. Kits from Casey K designs are not to be sold or distributed. No offering or selling designs, kits, or merchandise with Casey K HQ/Casey K Creations, Inc. designs is allowed.  Active Casey K HQ Members may only teach our designs in their in-person paint parties.
  • Local HQ Members (Local to New Castle, PA) are not licensed to hold-in person classes with Casey K HQ/Casey K Creations, Inc designs within 45 miles of the studio without written consent.
  • HQ members with more than one brick and mortar location for their business will need written approval by Casey K Creations, Inc. to teach Casey K HQ/Casey K Creations, Inc. designs in more than one location.  Pricing to use designs in more than one location will be agreed upon in writing.  
  • Painting franchises will need to negotiate directly with Casey K HQ/Casey K Creations, Inc. for licensing of designs.

Casey K HQ Refund Policy

Painting tutorials are all digital products that you receive right away in your Library.  There are no refunds given on any tutorials, courses, or challenges. 

Order Cancellation Policy: Orders cannot be canceled once they are submitted because they are virtual tutorials.

Digital and Physical Products

Digital Product Refund Policy: Digital (includes Video Tutorials) and Downloadable products are non-refundable.

Please email us if you have an issue with your order at customerservice@caseykhq.com . 

Due to the nature of our digital products/tutorials, we do not offer refunds for digital purchases or memberships.

Membership Cancellations

You may cancel your membership anytime in your account if you log into your library and go to your DASHBOARD.  Click on MEMBERSHIPS to cancel.  

Please note that upon cancellation of membership, you will no longer have access to your painting tutorials. Also, for business owners, you only have license to teach and use Casey’s design with an ACTIVE and current membership.

If you are unable to cancel this way and and you’d like to cancel your membership, please email: customerservice@caseykhq.com

Please include the word Cancel and the name of membership in the subject line with payment source. Example: Cancel Painting of the Month Club STRIPE RECURRING PAYMENT