Creating Realistic Looking Christmas Ornaments

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More About the Techniques Used to Paint These Delightful Christmas Ornaments:

Ornament bulbs come in all different colors from red to green to anything in between.  We love to paint on black canvases as it really provides additional depth and dimension to these holiday wonders.

Once you have drawn your ornament shape and then painted it with a thin layer of paint,  you will next want to use the desired color with the tip of the paint brush (we like to use a medium flat brush) in white.

Start in the area of the bulb where you believe the light would shine the brightest and as you paint with the curvature of the bulb, lighten your pressure as you paint the underside of the bulb so that there is darkness.  After this has dried, you may need to lightly dry brush the top of the ornament adding a little white to the paint to add the additional “shine” to your bulb.  If you are using red, you can add a hint of orange to get your red to pop!

Lastly, you will want to add your detailed highlights with a script liner brush. It is important to water down your white paint 3 times so that you have a crispy, hairline highlight along the top of the bulb and a very light (barely visible) line on the underside of the bulb.  You can add additional white lines inside the bulbs as Casey instructs to make the impression that the light is bouncing off of these newly created ornaments.

Ornaments are truly enjoyable to make and look fantastic nestled into a bough of evergreens as seen in our Painting of the Month pick, the Evergreen Candle Painting.  These ornaments also look fabulous in a decorated Christmas tree shining bright for all to see.

Happy Painting!