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Painting the Perfect Pumpkin

Want to learn how to create the perfect pumpkin?

Casey will teach you how to make a realistic looking pumpkin with a few simple techniques. Casey begins by showing you how to draw out your pumpkin shape. Beginning with the stem, Casey then starts to draw out the pumpkin sections by beginning in the middle and then going outwards.

To make the pumpkin three dimensional, Casey shows you how to add the pieces of the pumpkin behind the stem as well. Then through the use of colors and building up the tops of a pumpkin, while putting in darkness on the bottoms of your pumpkin.

It is important to load your brush with multiple colors and then ensure that you don’t completely blend the colors together but let the variations remain. Casey will also teach you how to use darkness on the ribs of the pumpkin to make those look like they are going farther in as well as shading the stems and adding highlights at the end to make your pumpkin come to life.

Happy painting!